Sunday, 17 January 2016

Some photos of my garden today

It snowed overnight here.  I always love that moment when you draw back the curtains and the view has been transformed.  Snow has that magic quality of hiding all the defects. 
I’m glad I left the seed heads.  Each one has a bobble hat of snow. 
Quite honestly, it’s been too wet to get out there and do any kind of gardening for weeks.  The hellebore leaves are untrimmed. Weeds and brambles abound. I’ve given up on the idea of dividing the perennials. And the veg plot will be a no-dig garden this year.  Walking on it would do more damage than good.

What’s happening in your garden at the moment?  Please let me know, and share your own garden photos too.   Here is some of mine to start us off.  
Against the sunny house wall there's an Algerian iris which is full of flower all through the winter. I always pick a flower to put on my work desk every morning. Connecting me with the outdoors - which is where I am happiest- to be honest.
The view from the potting shed. The trees  are willow, ash, cherry, hazel, beech and field maple. They look glorious in the autumn. We planted all of them as saplings.
The potting shed window- reflecting today's snowy scene.

I think I love the snow so much because there is nothing that can be done today.  Just stand, stare and enjoy the beauty.
Frozen wildlife pond. Even the arching brambles look pretty in the snow. The "layered" shrub is a viburnum plicatum.
My pergola goes all the way from the back door to the front drive, and there's a " spider's web" where it turns the corner. It's covered with unruly climbing roses, honeysuckle and clematis.



  1. A most enjoyable post, and lovely pictures. There's something rather magical about a snow covered garden. Flighty xx

    1. Thank you Mike. That's exactly how I feel. And after weeks and weeks of rain, the brightness of the day made all the difference. Plus it made it look as if I had left the cow parsley seed heads there on purpose. Surely the prettiest weeds ever in the snow.

  2. It's great how the snow can make the garden look magical and hide the fact we haven't been out there in weeks.

    I love that Iris, not seen an Algerian Iris before.

    1. That iris is my favourite flower in the garden, giving cheer just when I need it most. Lasts well in water, when not much can be picked outdoors. I notice Avon Bulbs sell it, and Broadleigh Gardens, Burncoose Nurseries, and Chiltern Seeds. I am looking out for the white form, to grown alongside the blue. Its proper name is Iris Unguicularis. Thanks for the comment Julieanne

  3. I love seed heads in winter and find I'm rather too eager to cut stuff back in October. Love the view through the potting shed window.

    1. It's always a dilemma whether to cut back or not. I like to leave them, but then the spring weather is getting wetter each year, which means we are not getting the garden cut back and perennials divided before new growth and bulbs emerge. Plus, plants are flowering much later into autumn, and I can't bear to cut them down. This means I am changing my traditional gardening habits. Are you finding the same?


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