Thursday, 4 July 2019

LRGT Annual Lecture September 2019 - The Future of Landscape Architecture by Kim Wilkie

Leicestershire and Rutland Gardens Trust
2019 Annual Lecture

The Future of Landscape Architecture

Tuesday 10th September 2019 at 7.30pm
Speaker: Kim Wilkie, Landscape Architect

“The contribution which landscape architects can make at this point is immense and pivotal. Landscape architecture addresses both the built and the cultivated environment. It thinks about city as well as countryside; housing as well as agriculture; cultural history as well as nature conservation. “
After 25 years of running his own practice, Kim now works as a strategic and conceptual landscape consultant. He collaborates with architects and landscape architects around the world and combines designing with the muddy practicalities of running a small farm in Hampshire.
Our local Kim Wilkie project at Boughton House, Orpheus, takes the form of an inverted pyramid, sunk into the earth and open to the elements. It is at once a negative space and a sculptural form. Its serene lines seem to invite you to descend into its depths and enjoy the tranquillity
Venue: Ken Edwards Lecture Theatre 1, University of Leicester,    
                University Road (Location map will be sent with tickets)

Cost: £10 Friends £12.50 Guests
(includes a glass of wine or soft drink.)

 Profits from this event will go to the Trust’s “Schools into Gardening” scheme.

For more information or to book, ring the Events Secretary on 0116-270-5711